What Taylor Swift’s 1989 album was like

What Taylor Swift's 1989 album was like

Countdown to ‘Midnights’: What we know about Taylor Swift’s new album

It was the night of Dec. 6, 2014 — the first night of a special album release in the history of Apple.

It was the night Taylor Swift released her fourth studio album.

It was also the night that the pop star and her fans were put on high alert.

The album was called 1989, the same year the country music singer released her first studio album. No one knew what would happen. The world would be in the dark.

No one knew if it would be a hit. No one knew if it would be a bomb.

But this moment in time is remembered in the pop world as the night when 1989 finally exploded.

Here’s what we know about 1989 today.

1. It was a departure for Swift

Since 1989 was released on Apple Music on Nov. 21, the singer-songwriter has stayed relatively tight-lipped about the album, which she’s called 1989 for the past four weeks.

The album is said to be an “old-fashioned” record, full of songs about relationships, heartbreak, “all that stuff.”

“This record is a little bit different,” Swift told Rolling Stone in October. “It’s more real. It’s more me, as an artist. It’s a little bit more personal.”

“I was singing about these things in a very personal way,” she continued.

2. It was the first song she wrote for a new album since 2006’s Speak Now

1989’s lead single, “Begin Again,” was co-written with her husband Joe Alwyn.

It became the singer’s first original song to chart since “You Belong to Me,” which was released in 2006.

In a 2012 interview with GQ, the Swifties talked about the song and how their relationship came to be.

“It was love at first sight,” Joe Alwyn told GQ. “Taylor was the first person I thought

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