The Swifties Club: A Story of a Great Night at the Beacon Theatre

The Swifties Club: A Story of a Great Night at the Beacon Theatre

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It was a heartwarming night at the Beacon and it was all thanks to Swifties.

We were ecstatic to attend the Swift concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on Monday night. We were there for the concert and we also arrived early for the VIP area so we could experience the pre-show party. We even snuck in our personal VIP tickets so we could arrive early to get right into the concert.

It was a great opportunity to see two of my favorite artists back to back in concert. And we were able to spend the weekend and catch up with some friends and catch up on our lives before the concert. There was a lot to celebrate and, of course, the concert was amazing.

We wanted to share the story of our experience at the concert with you.

We had an absolute blast.

Here’s how

We arrived at the Beacon Theatre early, just 15 minutes before the show began, to get our seats right in the bowels of the Beacon Theatre.

We arrived early to get seats directly on the stage so we could witness the show from the most intimate seat in the house.

I think we were the only seats in the house that were not in the VIP area, which is why we were able to get a personal VIP ticket from the ticketing staff.

We arrived early (about 15 minutes before the show) and spent the time in the bowels of the Beacon Theatre getting our seats right outside the backstage area.

We were able to enjoy the show before it started.

This was a great way to spend a Sunday morning after a long week.

We were able to see two of our favorite artists back to back in concert thanks to our new Swifties club.

There were some perks to being a Swifties Club member.

For example, we were able to attend a special pre-show party. We were able to see one of our friends that is a Swifties Club member and we got to hang out with him for a bit prior to the performing.

We had the opportunity to meet Swift. She was extremely happy to meet us and made a point to say hello.

We were able to meet her friends that were also in the club. She was kind enough to give us a hug and wished us luck in getting tickets to the

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