The Suit of Psychotherapist Ms. Chilton

The Suit of Psychotherapist Ms. Chilton

Spurs Psychologist Sues Joshua Primo, Saying He Exposed Himself to Her And Raped Her

In a lawsuit filed by attorney Jennifer H. Chilton, attorney Joshua Primo sued the psychoanalyst after she was allegedly assaulted and raped. (photo: Scott Haller of The Associated Press)

“Mr. Primo, a psychoanalyst at John Marshall School of Law, and Ms. Chilton, a psychotherapist at the San Francisco Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, began an affair when, says Mr. Primo’s lawsuit, he “suggested that she move to San Francisco to move closer to him.”

He then met “on several occasions” with the woman, who is not identified or named in court papers. According to her lawsuit, Mr. Primo allegedly engaged in “consensual and repeated sexual intercourse.” The suit does not address the possibility of any oral sex, and Mr. Primo said in an interview he was not sure whether she had given him oral sex. He was not sure whether she had given him sexual intercourse with other people at the same time or whether he had had nonsexual intercourse with her.

Ms. Chilton, a psychotherapist, did not want to be named in the case. In an interview, she said she had not seen Mr. Primo for therapy since January 2008. During a phone interview on April 12, she was asked about Mr. Primo, but she was not sure what he looked like. In an email she wrote to The Associated Press on Monday, she said the suit was in response to a “very disturbing accusation” and did not comment further.

In the lawsuit, Mr. Primo said in his own words and under oath that “Ms. Chilton assaulted and raped me and my penis forced her to engage in sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, and oral sex.”

Mr. Primo said Ms. Chilton had been “barging into his apartment and into his room and threatening and yelling.” She said she tried “to get me to leave,” but that he “would not let me.”


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