The Nevada Secretary of State’s Office website is a sham

The Nevada Secretary of State's Office website is a sham

I’m Susie Lee: This is why I want Nevada’s vote in the midterm election taken off the ballot. For the truth of what happened here (again) is as clear as the truth can get.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske’s signature is on the ballot. That signature was obtained by deception. Her signature was obtained by deception as you will read below.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske

Cegavske is a lifelong Democrat and registered with the Democratic Party. She was appointed by former Secretary of State Harry Reid, appointed by his Democratic predecessor, and is confirmed by the Democrats in the Nevada Assembly.

She has been in office since January 2007 as the Secretary of State of Nevada. Secretary Cegavske’s last name is a pseudonym. It has been legally changed to “Barbara” (Cegavske).

Barbara Cegavske

The Nevada Secretary of State’s Office website is a sham. It describes itself as “Nevada’s statewide elections official, operating as a nonpartisan, public board.”

But it is run by a political party, the Nevada Democratic Party. That party does not have a seat on the ballot for the November 2 ballot, but they have a role in securing the nomination for the Secretary of State’s office through endorsements and fundraising.

A list of the Nevada Democratic endorsements by county includes the Secretary of State’s Office, as you will see.

Barbara Cegavske is the Secretary of State of Nevada. She must be a Democrat. The ballot for her last election was the same as the November ballot for all other offices.

Barbara Cegavske also is the Treasurer of Nevada. Her campaign website says:

“As Treasurer, I work to secure Nevada’s future, while protecting and enhancing Nevadans’ livelihood.”

Her biography says:

“Barbara Cegavske served as the Nevada Secretary of State for 18 years and has

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