The Man Who Came to My Door

The Man Who Came to My Door

Op-Ed: Get ready to wait for the midterm results

I started thinking about the upcoming elections last week. As I was writing the second chapter of this book, a man showed up at my office door asking me to write an op-ed for a local newspaper. I told my friend in the office to ignore him, but to write back and ask him a question. No one ever answers the door anymore, but that is how I ended up answering.

“Who are you?” I asked as I looked down on him from my second-floor office door.

“My name’s Jeff,” he said, pulling out a picture of a woman he said he loved.

“You’re my type,” I said, looking down at her.

“Wait,” I said. “This isn’t your type?”

I started laughing and asked him to leave my store. I told my secretary to take note of his name. The next day, a man who came to my door wanted my help with a campaign. He didn’t identify himself as a Republican, but rather told me all the things his candidate had said to me and others. When my secretary told me this man came to my door multiple times, I told her to ignore him. A few days later, I received an e-mail from an office full of mailers sent by the man’s campaign. They were touting all of the things he had said to me and to others. A man I had never heard from before came to my door asking for my help, offering to help my party and the country. I did not tell him that I am also a man who has been called a lot of things in my life, but I did tell him to leave.

The following day, my secretary received a call from a man asking for a campaign contribution. He said that he would like one hundred or more dollars for the campaign to help our party and country. He also offered to help me and my family financially. A few weeks later, he called again. I told his secretary to ignore him.

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