The First Storm That Hit Southern California

The First Storm That Hit Southern California

L.A. County remains dry, most of Southern California avoids Northern California storm system. This is a good thing to have in the Southern California climate. It might not feel that way in Southern California’s next storm, but Northern California’s storm will have it worse at the expense of Southern California’s.

We’ve already seen several examples of how ‘bad’ Northern California’s storm will be. A month ago a large section of northern California was in an unusually warm storm that brought in the first storms of the new season. The entire state watched as the storm turned into a nor’easter and caused millions in damage and nearly a trillion gallons of floodwaters in a matter of days.

The worst storm, however, was yet to come. Even though the storm that hit Southern California was smaller and not nearly as destructive, we didn’t get to observe it in person. Instead, we got the first taste of what a Southern California storm will look like from above. The National Weather Service showed us a video of the first storm that was forecast to hit the area.

That video also showed us a few reasons why Northern California should not continue its current path.

1) The video is of late March but the storm didn’t even get started until mid-March. The video was made after the first nor’easter in the current season hit the area and caused major damage. Also, the video looks to the north into the northern half of our state, where a strong nor’easter already hit in early March. Our state will continue to hit storms over the next couple of months until the end of April.

2) A storm that hits this late in the year might be a good one, but it’s still not a typical nor’easter. It’s actually a late-season nor’easter that’s moving through the lower central and northern areas of our state. And a storm that hits here on March 20th is still a little early.

3) The video shows us a large section of our state. But it only shows us the south coast and a small slice of the San Francisco Bay Area. It shows us the lower

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