The Democrats Don’t Know That the US is Heading for an Ecological Disaster

The Democrats Don’t Know That the US is Heading for an Ecological Disaster

Opinion: The US must free itself of political delusions about the border

(Washington, DC and Caracas, Venezula) — President Donald J. Trump, the newly inaugurated nationalist leader of the US, inaugurated a new phase of the conflict between his administration and the Democratic and Republican parties — the conflict about the border.

To the Democrats he said: “There is no crisis on the border.” But the crisis he refers to is not the hundreds of thousands of people passing through the country illegally, their situation in the country under the control of the US government to deport them or to make them leave. The crisis at the border is the crisis between the US and Mexico, one of the greatest conflicts in the history of the Western hemisphere — the greatest conflict in the history of mankind, and about which the Democrats and their media are so busy.

The Democrats know that their efforts in the coming years are about the defense of liberal economic dogma and, more than that, they know that because of it, the US is heading for an economic catastrophe.

What they don’t know is that the war against nature is a war of conquest. Not a war of “civilizations” but a war of resources.

The Democrats don’t know that the US has been fighting a civil war in the Western hemisphere for 50 years. Not a war over the status of the continent, not a war over democracy, not a war over the destiny of humanity, not a war over the future of progress. This war is a war of conquest, and there is no solution to it until it breaks up.

The Democrats don’t know that the US is headed for ecological disaster because of their aggressive policies against nature. The solution to the problem of a society dominated by materialism and ecocomical ideology lies in understanding that the future of humanity is not in the past, the future is in a new time, a time where our children grow up in a world with different values than those we inherited from us.

The Democrats don’t know that the battle against the environment, and particularly against nature, is a fight between two worldviews.

The worldview of the progressives, which is the worldview of the Democrats and their media, is that the world is coming to an end and that the only way to save it is to transform it into something

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