Snow coming to San Diego and Orange County

Snow coming to San Diego and Orange County

Light rain coming to Southern California, with much colder temps and mountain snow later this week

The rain in Southern California is expected to become very heavy later today, as thunderstorms move into the region. Most are expected to bring heavy rain and some thunderstorms.

Snow will fall in the mountains and can be expected later this week. There’s also the concern that some of the heavy rain over the past week has brought out mountain Slide Rule to life.

Snowfall amounts to 6-11 inches

The storm is expected to spread across the mountains. Much wetter weather is expected in the valleys, bringing the chance of some snow to the mountains.

Snow will fall from 6-11 inches in the mountains. We may see some heavy snows on the higher peaks.

The Storm:

A powerful low-pressure cell that originates from Mexico is centered over the coast of Southern California. The low-pressure center is moving northward, and forecasters are saying that the low-pressure area is very dangerous.

The rain and thunderstorms have already started in the LA area. Our local high is 69. Wind chill values in the LA area will remain below 20 degrees until later this morning, and then wind chills will start to warm up very quickly.

As the low-pressure system develops, it is expected to take a much more northern route, passing just below Mount Wilson, and is expected to bring a lot of rain from the coast.

Forecasters have also issued a watch for the Santa Cruz Mountains. They are expecting the storm to bring a lot of rain, with possibly 6-11 inches of rain in the valleys by midday. Snow could also fall in the higher elevations.

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Snow coming to San Diego and Orange County

According to the National Weather Service, an arctic low pressure system will enter the region today at 2pm and will be moving inland towards the coast.

There is a chance that some snow could fall along the southern edge of San Diego, while others may see heavy rains. We will likely see

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