Serena Williams is a true athlete

Serena Williams is a true athlete

Serena Williams has done it all in tennis, but there’s so much more to come. I was in awe as she was on BBC America’s Inside Out: Serena’s Road to Retirement, and I have to say that it made me not only jealous of tennis but of all the hard work and determination she has done. She has been able to come to grips with her success without losing sight of the fact that she is an amazing athlete. I don’t think anyone can match her tennis achievements, but I do think that she has really done so much more.

It’s not unusual to look at someone like Serena Williams and see someone who has truly accomplished things in a sport. It’s not unusual to think that she couldn’t be the same if she came from a different country, or if she was born to a different family. In many cases, we like to think that tennis matches the country in which we live. This often leads to assumptions when we talk about female tennis players. While they may have achieved incredible things in tennis, we don’t often think about them moving to another country, or having to move to another part of the world when they got here. We often don’t think about things like how they overcame challenges to be where they are now.

I think that there is so much more to Serena Williams than tennis. She has done so much, and I look at her as a true athlete. I have been in awe of her in many of her moments. But it’s also been very humbling in a way. I think it would have been great, because it’s an incredible athlete in a sport that is so easy to do. And she has done it in such a way that she still has a lot of time to do things like take on tennis legend Martina Navratilova and then beat her on court, and then go onto beat Nadal. But then a few months later she’s taken on and beat Venus Williams, and then went onto beat Serena, and now she is competing against the greatest women in the sport, at an age when many girls from her age don’t even know her name.

Even in her last two tournaments, she has gone out and fought to become the No. 1, and she has done so without the help of a coach, or having to rely on anyone else’s advice. For many people, they have never seen a woman do everything on their own

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