Marjorie Tompkins sued Larry Davis for destroying her home

Marjorie Tompkins sued Larry Davis for destroying her home

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An elderly woman was awarded over $1 million in damages by a Texas court Thursday after she sued a man for leaving her house after he allegedly damaged her roof and ceiling because she refused to have sex with him.

Marjorie Tompkins sued Larry Davis, who she says hit her home in the late 1990s after she declined to have sex with him in exchange for $1,000.

Tompkins claims her roof was damaged when Davis allegedly kicked down her plywood roof and damaged the home’s ceiling. She also claims, through her attorney, that Davis left her house without warning or explanation.

Tompkins is suing Davis, seeking $1 million for what she is claiming was emotional distress. She also claims Davis owes her for the value of the home and $75,000 in property damages to cover the cost of fixing the damage.

The lawsuit also states that Davis, a former resident and long-time neighbor of Tompkins, never lived at the home.

Judge Jim Davis ruled Davis should pay $750,000 for the damage to Tompkins’ roof and $1,000 for her emotional distress.

Tompkins said in court Thursday that she is seeking more compensation than she has ever received before and asked the judge to award her $1 million in damages. She also asked for a permanent injunction prohibiting Davis from removing her from her home or damaging it.

“I had all this money, all these assets, and now I can’t get it back,” Tompkins said before Judge Jim Davis on the eve of the trial. “This is a nightmare. You see the pictures of my home? It’s my dream home, but now I’ll never buy another house. It’s ruined.”

Tompkins, 81, was born in Washington, D.C.

The court hearing the lawsuit was the latest in at least seven recent court cases involving homeowners who claim their homes were destroyed by former residents.

Tompkins said that in late 1997, she was staying at a local Holiday Inn when she

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