L.A. homeless shelter receives $2-million investment in new shelter

L.A. homeless shelter receives $2-million investment in new shelter

L.A.’s winter homeless shelter gets an upgrade: motel vouchers

L.A. homeless shelter, which moved into its temporary shelter on a street corner, has received a $2-million investment in a new shelter.

The nonprofit organization, which provides support services to over 800 homeless men and women, received an additional $500,000 through a federal grant known as Section 8 housing vouchers.

(Courtesy of L.A. Homeless Services)

The organization got its $5-million grant to build the long-term temporary shelter in December 2012. A $2-million grant allowed them to increase their capacity by 50 percent, which resulted in the doubling of their shelter space to 80 beds.

The organization will also receive 30 percent of the total $5-million grant to cover operating costs through the end of this year.

“This is historic. This is a historic day in my life,” said Mike O’Malley, president and CEO of L.A. Homeless Services. “This is amazing. It is the culmination of all the years of sacrifice and hard work and what it’s like to take care of people on our streets every night.”

The organization currently uses temporary homeless shelters in order to accommodate the influx of homeless people and has been forced to scale back services.

(Courtesy of L.A. Homeless Services)

The agency said it will work with the community to help them find long-term housing solutions in addition to the new facility.

“We’ve already started finding permanent solutions for the people who need it,” said O’Malley.

The organization’s temporary homeless shelter will remain open until at least mid-October.

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