Kelly Rowland defends Chris Brown after he receives loudest ovation at the Grammys

Kelly Rowland defends Chris Brown after he receives loudest ovation at the Grammys

Chris Brown should be forgiven, Kelly Rowland says after defending him at awards show.

Kelly Rowland has defended Chris Brown after he was criticised for his public outburst at the Grammys.

The star, who was awarded an MBE, received the loudest ovation of the night as he addressed the crowd during his acceptance speech.

Kelly, who is currently in Australia for the Grammys, said: “The public reaction tonight has been tremendous.

“From the way the audience has reacted, you would be hard pressed to remember any other show or any other recipient who received such a reception tonight.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to is in awe and has told me they’re speechless, so please take a moment to let them know how thankful and appreciative everybody is of them and what they do.”

Kelly continued: “I mean, everybody is a fan of his music, everybody loves him as an artist. Now I didn’t want to do this interview yet because I was just getting ready to come here and talk to you, but I wanted to see the reaction tonight and it was just incredible and I’m just so happy.

“I want to thank everybody else that is celebrating with us tonight, and I just want to thank the Grammys and how much we appreciate everything they do and they’re so amazing.

“They’ve been so kind to us over the years and we are so appreciative.”

Afterwards Kelly went on to reveal to the crowd that she and Brown were married at the Grammys in 2014.

She said: “Last year the Grammys took place, and we were in the audience.

“Well, my boyfriend Chris is my best man.

“I know he feels really blessed to be here and to perform at the Grammys. I don’t think I would be doing my job if I wasn’t here because Chris is a very good guy and a talented musician and I think he’s going to do great tonight.”

Kelly has previously defended Chris and said: “He does the right things. He doesn’t do the wrong things.

“He’s a good person.”

The 34-year-old had been at the centre of a storm earlier in the night after his performance of his hit “Cry Me a River”

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